WASAP Logo Design

I recently designed this logo for the non-profit organization Washington Association of Student Assistance Professionals. My aim was to create something clean and visually appealing that would work both in color and grayscale and somehow incorporate the long name. I’m pleased with the overall composition, I wasn’t too excited to incorporate the Washington State shape, but I was able to use the negative space it created to highlight the main WASAP text.wasap_2009

Play, Work

Artswalk 2009 Tonight and Tomorrow!

Probably should have posted this way earlier… I don’t know, does anyone read this? Anyway we’re showing work by Joey Freer and James Franzen for Artswalk 2009 tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we’re going to be hanging out, stop by for a free Fish Tale beer or a Grapico, some home made salsa and Jalisco chips. Oh yeah and the best part, Dan’s of Dan’s Delicious Popcorn will be giving out samples of his amazingly good kettle corn!

When & Where

Tonight! 4-24-08 at Say This Say That
508 Legion Way SE Suite 1
Olympia, WA